About Us – The Homecare Technology Challenge


Wife/husband team Mary Dunn and Charles Hamilton have been chatting and kvetching about healthcare and medicine since they met nine years ago.

It’s not all they talk about (they’re not quite that boring), but Mary’s an RN with an MBA, while Charles is a device and techno-geek/entrepreneur with an eye on the future of physical computing and wearables. So, they decided to start UXHealth as a small contribution toward wrestling with the homecare healthcare puzzle. UXHealth means user experience (UX) + health. After all, we all want a good experience when it comes to our health.

The big questions: what do we do when our parents need constant — and very expensive — help? What do we do when WE grow old? Nobody wants to go in a nursing home. So, what’s the solution?

Maybe technology can help. Perhaps we can stretch out the quality of life so that we can actually stay at home…and pass away comfortably in our sleep with our loved ones attending. It may be a stretch. But tools and tech have changed so much in the last ten years, no, the last ten weeks. Why can’t we find ways that help maintain a higher quality of life until the end of days for our loved ones, and our own?

UXHealth is about one simple thing: through technology and innovation, explore and enable better experiences in homecare health and wellness. Better health, better outcomes, better experience.

Mary is a longtime New York City healthcare professional specializing in geriatrics, chronic disease, and home health. A Registered Nurse with two Master’s degrees, her strong patient-centric philosophy, on-the-ground knowledge of telehealth implementation, and industry savvy deliver practical and strategic results while serving as a Director of Patient Services in large and small healthcare organizations.

A “technology creative,” Charles has been exploring the worlds of new product development, mobile device design, and user experience since the early days of the dotcoms in New York City as a consultant, an entrepreneur, and within large enterprises. Working with some of the world’s leading electronics and technology brands – Microsoft, Epson, AT&T, SAP – he has built advanced platforms for mobile content delivery using voice recognition, wearable sensor prototypes, and ultra-energy efficient tablets for the health and wellness markets. His current projects include creating easy-to-use, low-cost home monitoring and robotic devices for seniors and the homecare market.

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